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Long time grooming product maker, Lea, has ripped a page from their history book to bring you Lea Classic. This Spanish company as been in the biz since 1823 and has pleased a multitude of familias. Now, they bring their traditional Shaving Cream and a whole line of "Classic" products to the US market. This shaving cream is loaded with glycerin, lanolin, allantoin, bisabolol, and menthol to give you a smooth gliding, protected shave. The dense lather is extremely protective; it allows your razor to glide over the skin without creating nicks and cuts. In fact, it is a great product for those with sensitive skin. The added menthol gives it a nice coolling effect, especially nice for summer months but great of use year 'round. It is even dermatologically tested. Like the rest of the range of products, it is scented with a unique, masculine aroma of sandalwood and oakmoss. This rich scent works great in combination with all the other grooming essentials to have you turning heads (and noses)! It can be lathered with or without a brush, although the manufacturer recommends one. The packaging and logo are a throwback to the 1930s as is the reformulated scent. Get a time-honored shave from a classy company: Lea Classic Shaving Cream. Size: 3.5oz/100ml


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