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The best grooming kits have the tools you need and this one!
Seki Edge proudly introduces the Men's Premium Grooming Kit (MS-01). This popular manicure pedicure set has been reinvented as a 3-piece kit with a stylish new case! Turn your manicure and pedicure chores into a spa quality experience. Trim your nostril hairs with the round tip nostril scissors, cut your fingernails and toenails with our best selling nail clippers. Every Seki Edge tool is made from Japanese stainless steel and honed by hand by the finest craftsmen in Japan.

This manicure pedicure set is housed in a nice case that can also be used to store other Seki Edge beauty tools. Whether it's tweezers, a nail nipper, or a nail file, the men's grooming kit case is flexible in terms of what tools it can store. You can spruce up this manicure pedicure set by adding additional items that compliment your grooming needs. That's the beauty of this set. Take it traveling. Store it in the glove compartment of your car, or store it in your home. Or perhaps have one in each location!

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